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Safe daylighting, Sinhai Leading.

Baoding Xinhai Plastic Sheet Co.,Ltd. is a CE/ISO/SGS certified factory and Specialized in the production, design,customized service of POLYCARBONATE SHEET & PC Accessories for over 20 years.

Our main items :

 Hollow Polycarbonate sheet, Crystal hollow pc sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheet,Embossed pc sheet

Corrugated pc sheet; PC H/U type Accessories

we well served our customers in Agriculture, Industrial,Commercial projects like Greenhouse, Roofing, Pergola, Awnings, sound Barrier, Partition,Corridor, window, door, swimming pool covers, Skylight domes, star domes ,indoor and outdoor projects and etc.

 Our advantages:

*  No.1 Biggest factory in North of China  

*  10 production lines

*  18000 tons Annual output with quick delivery

*  Self patented Bamboo PC sheet

*  Mature UV Coating, Anti-fog technology

*  50+ molds of Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet for free choice

*  One-stop safe lighting solution – Big saving on time and money

*  10+ Rich experience professional team

Care every details from raw material to Finished products for you

With strict quality control and good service, we win good reputation in market like Southeast and Middle Asia, Middle and South America, Middle East and Africa areas and Europe, Australia and etc.

We will keep moving on one-stop lighting solutions with our safe lighting building material of polycarbonate sheet and accessories in the market.

We look forward to cooperating with you soon.



  • FACADES-Plastic Sheet


    The facadesl of the shopping mall building is replaced by colored solid polycarbonate sheet, which not only saves costs, but also impact resistant and is safe from shattering.

  • SKYLIGHT-Plastic Sheet


    Skylights made of polycarbonate sheets,Better lighting, high transparency, the transmittance of transparent polycarbonate sheet can reach 98%.

  • SHADE-Plastic Sheet


    The hollow polycarbonate sheet is used as shade cover, light in weight, easy to install, with UV coating on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet, which can prevent ultraviolet rays and prevent yellowing and aging of the sheet.

  • DECORATION-Plastic Sheet


    Polycarbonate sheet is used for architectural decoration, because of its many colors, low cost and UV-resistant surface, it is very popular among designers.

  • GALLERY-Plastic Sheet


    Polycarbonate sheet for gallery, which can shield the wind and rain, and is beautiful. The surface is coated with ultraviolet rays, which will not cause yellowing.

  • ROOF-Plastic Sheet


    Plastic corrugated polycarbonate sheet for roof. There are many types of tiles, which can be customized. It can be matched with the type of glass fiber reinforced plastic tile. It has good lighting and can bear snow.



    Polycarbonate sheets for swimming pool covers, which can prevent UV rays, prevent extreme weather, and make the pool easy to clean.

  • Tiananmen Gate Tower Warning-Plastic Sheet

    Tiananmen Gate Tower Warning

    National project: SINHAI 10-year warranty polycarbonate diffuser used for warning signs in Tiananmen Gate Tower in Beijing. Good light diffusion performance.

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